Know-how with vision

For years, the Aspöck Group has successfully developed lighting and wiring solutions for automobile trailers. With the aid of innovative technology and functional designs, lamps are produced which fulfil the demands of tomorrow. Safety through high visibility is extremely important for us, for cargo, for drivers and for following traffic.


The large luminous surface of the new full-LED multifunction lamp provides even greater visibility in its field of application.

Multipoint II

The multi-chamber lamp features all light functions and is extremely durable.

Earpoint LED

This compact full LED rear lamp is an upgrade of the Earpoint III and can be replaced instead of the former product without much effort.

Wiring and plug connector

Wiring and plug connectors for Aspöck lighting solutions are produced tailor-made in-house at Aspöck. As a result, the best-possible quality is achieved.

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