Agricultural & self-propelled machines:
Form and function

Wherever functional design and reliable technology are required, Aspöck has the answer - and has had answers to hand for over 45 years now! The number of our customer-specific products is continually increasing. On the one hand, we invest our development power into the expansion of our modular product range, and on the other hand into the development of customer-specific lamps for the agricultural sector. Well-designed and functionally optimised lamps throw an excellent light on your work.

Workpoint Advanced 2000 + 4000

This series is built for particularly harsh environments, has an impact-resistant lens and a heat sink made of special aluminium with remarkable corrosion resistance.


Its reflector shells arranged in a hexagon are aesthetically pleasing, innovative and timeless. The six large reflector surfaces can reproduce three different flash patterns.

Agriled I

Large illuminated areas, new optics and an integrated direction indicator failure control. With these highlights, the new Agriled I shines on roads as well as on fields.

Agriled II

The multi-function rear lamp for the agricultural market. Like the small format, it convinces with innovative LED lighting technology as well as stable construction

Posipoint IV

LED multi-function light with interior concentric prisms. Variable attachment directions combined with compact dimensions.

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