Aspöck Systems | TPMS

25. Oct. 2023


Safety, for driver and vehicle, is the focus of all our developments. The new Aspöck TPMS control system not only extends tyre life, it also reduces fuel costs and minimizes CO2 emissions. From the individual initial programming by using the hand tool to the automatic teaching of the new sensors by the Auto Locate function in retrofitting or repairs, it is easy and quick to install. The monitoring system is compatible with the EBS systems of all well-known manufacturers, which is a major logistical advantage for vehicle manufacturers. With our know-how, we realize any wiring solution, which we customize upon customer request.

Our TPMS complies with UN ECE-R 141 and is in continuous communication with the towing vehicle, warning the driver when a tyre is running below its normal pressure or above its normal temperature. A warning signal is then triggered in real time and shown on the towing vehicle's display.

The safety system must be implemented as original equipment for vehicle classes O3 and O4 with July 6, 2024.




TPMS film